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(unused stuff)

here you will get to see unused content that was gonna make it in the Frostor web, but was scrapped due to some reasons.

"i wasn't here"

- Cartfren

maroon sus 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

The Old Homepage Banner

A Unused version of the Homepage banner art, drawn by our good friend xyezt387!

This version was going to make it to the website, due to frostor liking the shade of maroon, but others didn't like it, so this version went unused. If you are confused what the difference is, the shading of the maroon color is different. 

Unused Limeoo portrait art for the Friday N' Films characters category.

Unused mainly because the shading is broken. 

Mobile app for the website

There was gonna be a mobile app (yes, you read that right, mobile) for The Frostor Web.

Well, in the making of the app, Frostor ran into several problems, from pictures not loading, to the site looking rather broken, which means that the app sadly got scrapped.

And another reason this got scrapped is because it would make the development process of The Frostor Web go downhill.

But the question is... what if we actually try? Hmmmm...

Oh yeah and before I forget, it's a shame we couldn't do this as it would have been a great thing, but due to the user interface and stuff, there won't be an app for now.

Collection of Matteo's portraits (scrapped)
They are all recolors because apparently the black was wrong or something

If one should be asked why there are so many recolors, yall should go ask Cartfren for that.

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