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Before i started uploading videos to youtube, i used to watch such among us content creators, and even while i was uploading videos to youtube, i got inspired by MANY content creators that upload about the video game

called among us. 

amogus in the bottom, you will get to check out some of the among us

youtubers i got inspired by overtime! 

1. Soapy

Lets start off by Soapy. Even though he no longer makes Among Us content, he still was one of the youtubers that inspired me to make Among Us content. Soapy used to upload lots of stuff related to among us, for example, recreating the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" in Among Us, showcasing Among Us updates, recreating update trailers, bugs and glitches, just everything about Among Us. But now soapy does NOT upload Among Us anymore and wants to move on. I will still remember the good old times when soapy was a cool youtuber i used to watch. Bro really hit 100k and said, "alright I wanted my play button and I got it and I suddenly no longer care"


Pisces is another among us youtuber i got inspired
by during 2021, lets just say... he likes
breaking the game.. like ALOT. 




Pumba was one of

my FIRST inspirations to start creating among us content and upload them to YouTube. I used to love watching among us funny moments back then when it was a popular thing.. good old times! You can even see that my first video uploaded to YouTube was based on among us funny moments! Now he is mostly forgotten, but he still helped keep the game popular for as long as it could be.

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