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I did artwork for some of the characters aswell with editing the background of the friday n' films characters and edit the facts of blackie!! and I am sussy sus among us. -Cat power



Hey! I pretty much started off this website and work on it, along with some other cool people too, so you guys can get to know more about me & and my channel too! -Frostor

Hi i am xyezt and i  did the new homepage banner art (which aged like milk)


Hi, I'm Sasino, and for this site

i worked for the friday n films

capper art.



Who does, he is one of the artists

of the main website. He helps with

drawing art portraits for 

Friday N' films characters.

-Who does

One of the editors of the website. Helps with website design, adds and edits descriptions and images. Is also an artist. Also manages fonts used in the website. He is also a sussy guy.


tomi_redesigned-1 (1).PNG

Yeah the random among us blue pirate guy who is from bulgaria and is not the impostor, thats me. I helped on making this website in several ways. The lores you have been reading for maybe half an hour (or am i wrong) are 100% written by me, all was invented by me in the lores. Yeah its kinda easy I know alot about the characters, i am even a developer of Friday n' films I also suggested several ideas that helped improving the website. And who knows, the next update might even include a mini game, if we manage to.


NOTE: The lores have been scrapped as we did not have enough time to finish them all.  Also we need to redo the lores and improvise them. Maybe the lores will perhaps come in some another update of the froster web. Hope you understand!


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