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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

(Here are some questions you might ask)

1. Where did you get the name "FrostorYT" ?

Well, I was thinking of random names in my head, so out of nowhere, I got Frostor.

2. Do you plan on uploading more content besides Among Us?

3. What apps do you use to create your videos?

For editing videos, I use Videoleap, and for thumbnails I use Picsart.

4. Will there be a face reveal?

Nuh uh... Probably not anytime soon :/

5. Since when do you play Among Us?

i started for the VERY first time in October 2020, when the game was very popular

6. What is your favorite colour?

My favorite colors are red & yellow

7. Where did you get the idea for Friday N' Films? 

Well, when I was way younger, I used to watch a show called "Talking Tom & Friends" so I wanted to create my own series like that. So that's why the intro to some of the older episodes of Friday N' Films looks similar to the Talking Tom intro (not really)

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