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Friday n films characters 


Terry is the 9th character in Friday n' Films, with a unique look, covered up by some mummy dress covering up his visor, and his body. People did bully him for that as shown in episode 2 of Friday n Films, season 2. Terry is shy of a person, so he is sometimes scared to talk. so he wants people to go easy on him! Now, Terry does have some mummy suit for a "reason" which is to "protect" himself.. he does not want to show his face out to the public since he is uncomfortable to do that. strange huh? Things have changed for this character as he is no longer blind with that mummy visor. In episode 15 of friday n films, he finally got his mummy visor off. So in conclusion, terry is no longer blind.


A potrait of terry drawn by who does.


ඞ Matteo ඞ

  • Matteo is the 8th character of Friday n Films.

  • He is a Black Crewmate.

  • He is the smartest among (!!!) all of the 9. ඞඞඞ

  • Bro is crazy for cars (very real) and he even has one and regularly drives it around, like when he has to drop off Frosta at the airport.

  • He's also a fan of Cars movies and ofc other vroom vroom stuff.

  • He wears the Mira cap which he stole while he still worked for Mira before becoming too cool to fight off imposters on Polus.


Crismo is the 7th character of Friday N' Films. He has an job of running an stand of croissants. because uh (why not) He also loves to talk to frosta about his planes world and all of that stuff. Now, 1 question that you might ask is, "why does crismo wear sunglasses all the time?" Now, yes, being cool is one of the reasons, but there is another dark reason of it. Crismo got badly injured, so he had to be treated well..  but due to the explosion, his visor somehow turned very bright, So bright that it can burn down someones body.. BUT! if somebody tries to mess around with crismo, or harm, he could possibly remove his glasses to defend. But crismo also says its risky.

A potrait of Crismo drawn by Cat Power

  • Capper is the 6th character in Friday N' Films.

  • Capper is the most HATED character in friday n films.

  • His favorite game is fortnite 

  • Capper is 7 years old

  • Capper is Australian

  • He loves watching soccer

A potrait of Capper drawn by Sasino

Friday N' Films- Capper

Friday N' Films- Limeoo

Limeoo is the 5th character in Friday N' Films. Limeoo is Frostor's younger brother. Limeoo acts silly & weird at such times, but overall he is a very polite person to

have a chat with! Limeoo does hate it when his friends

simp. Especially Pinky! Limeoo and pinky sometimes for no reason become enemies.. 

-Limeoo's favorite place to travel is dubai

-Limeoo is muslim

-Limeoo has the power to turn his visor red

-He is afraid of sharks

-He hates anime

-Although, has a great imagination

Portrait of Limeoo drawn by Cat power.

Cone Dude

the sussest sus among us

  • Cone Dude came 4th in the series.

  • He is a chill, kind-hearted orange Crewmate who is open-minded and likes to talk about many things.

  • He really loves the color Orange. He loves oranges, orange juice, anything orange, you name it. He loves orange so much that he turned himself orange.

  • Cone Dude also likes to help Frosta with his job at the airport, like controlling the planes, choosing which planes should fly, not to mention that Cone Dude is one of the ground people at the airport.

  • Cone Dude is smart and he knows many things. He sometimes also knows too much.

  • One thing he doesn't know about tho is that Pinky secretly has a crush on him 😳😳😳 and has yet to find out (susy)

  • Cone Dude is in no way related to another orange dude who oranges a lot and is sus sus among🤓
    Cone Dudes Age is 16 (not 18 not naughty


  • The VA (Voice Actor) of Cone Dude is also an orange Crewmate. How cool is that?

  • Cone Dude may look like an Imposter as he is wearing a cone, but he is actually just a Crewmate.

  • He sometimes wears a red cone and sometimes an orange cone.

  • The reason why he put a cone on his head is because he is a fan of Black Imposter from FNF.

cone man by cartfren_edited.png

Cone dude in GameToons style by Cartfren. 🥕

orang sus very rel by Sasino.png


Pinky is the third character in the series. She's a 14-year-old girl who likes to simp on Cone Dude (Cone Dude x Pinky canon?????!!!11). She would stalk him sometimes which makes her sussy.But she ain't any ordinary girl. She has the ability to freeze ANYONE who bothers her. What's more important is that rarely anyone survives her icy hands.

Potrait of Pinky drawn by who does.

Friday N' Films

Blackie was the 2nd character to be added to the series, he is the OG.
He is 13 years old. He is a nerd.
He used to be a simp😔.
He can cook Brownies.

Blackie has a sister named Pinky.

Blackie is arab

He is voiced by Cat Power (yes)


Blackie as the Impostor.

Potrait art done by cat power.

Friday N' Films

Lastly we have frostor.

Frostor is a maroon crewmate with a crown placed on his head. He has a son named that goes by the name "Frosta" that is an airline pilot. Frostor is the 1st character in the series, and even the one who started the series. 

some facts: 

-Frostor loves burgers

-Frostor is muslim

There is some drink called "Froster" which sounds familiar 

-Frostor and blackie are both best buddies in the series

-Frostor and Among us both have the same birthday date

A portrait art of sussy Frostor

drawn by cat power. 




Scrapped characters or characters who didn't make it into the series for whatever reason


He was supposed to be the 10th character in Friday N' Films, but after MrSus unfortunately leaving the production team due to tension related to another discord server, we are no longer allowed to use this character. Still this page shall remain a tribute to Den.

Den was red. He also had a big green eye for his visor. He would often hide the eye behind a plague mask, which makes him look goofy.



A potrait of den drawn by Mrsus.

(Gallery of characters)

Gallery of capper

Capper being featured in one of frostor's videos.

Capper became tall no way


Artwork for an friday n films episode where capper leaves friday n films..


Capper's goodbye messege



last appearance before he left friday n films.


of Limeoo

Limeoo but he french? 

Limeoo & Frostor got the drip

Some discord account that

is being limeoo..?

No context

No words for this one


Crismo before he got into the

reactor incident.

Crismo, but animated.

Crismo's gallery

Crismo's theme old cover art

Artwork showing what crismo would do if you force him to take off his sun glasses.

Some among us player spotted looking like crismo.

Where did his halo go?

Terry's gallery

An old discord emoji of


Terry before he got into the incident with crismo.

Short clip from a episode on how terry got blind

SPOILER_Screenshot_20230818_182207_FlipaClip 2.PNG

Terry got corrupted

Terry but halloween

Terry fails to take off his mummy visor (fanart)

Pinky's gallery

Pinky walking sprite in among us.

Sprite by sasino.

Pinky smirking by sasino.

Pinky moonwalking

Pinky using her ice powers


Frostor, but animated.


Frostor as a clay.

3D model of frostor.

Cone dude's gallery

Cone dude featured on one of frostor's videos.

Cone dude gets teleported to the


Cone dude clay version with

crismo clay version.


Someone drew cone dude by accident lol 

cone man by cartfren_edited.png

Cone dude drawn in gametoons style by Cartfren.

Blackie's gallery

Blackie dies from grimace shake

Among race lore (blackie is the impostor who chases you)

Blackie's first ever appearance 

in one of frostor's old videos.

Blackie wearing goggles to protect himself from crismo 

Blackie in a poster artwork

for among race

Blackie chasing you down in among race


(Unused stuff)

Unused Friday toons logo
Scrapped character

Den was going to be the 10th character of the Friday N' Films series.  Den is a red impostor covered with a mask, with a antenna hat placed on the top.

Scrapped friday toons
Scrapped part of friday toons

This was an unused part of the friday toons called: ''Cone confusion | Friday toons'' which was animated by cat power. The reason this is unfinished is because he found it hard to animate this small clip on flipaclip, so then he recreated the animation in dc2 (Drawing cartoons 2)

Friday toons- beachball game (scrapped)

I honestly forgot why this was unfinished

Other content
Friday n' Films characters (Winter edition)
Friday N' Films characters (Summer edition)
Oldest logo

One of the oldest versions of the Friday N' Films logo found in sasino's files. 

Trivia host

This is the guy who is the host of the Friday N' Films trivia. At the moment, he has no name yet unfortunately, but we will think of names soon. 

Crew JR

Crew JR is a small cyan mini crewmate who is 5 years old. His father named ''crew'' passed away unfortunately.  So crew jr, lives his life all by himself. And is really smart! 

Some facts about crewjr:

-He is VERY smart

-he is very sensitive 

- he can get emotional easily

-he hates vegatables

- he loves to eat steak

-he is very good at being the impostor (learned from his dad)

Crew jr father original appearance.

Ted- Friday N films

Ted is one of the little characters in friday n films along with crew jr and frosta. Ted and frosta are both best friends. They both really love flying planes! Ted is known to be silly, but when it comes to planes, ted takes airplanes seriously.

  Some facts about ted:

-Ted is german

-ted and frosta used to be enemies

-ted can easily get distracted

-he loves math

-ted barely gets any sleep

-he loves to eat mcdonalds

-he barely gets to see his family 


Friday N' Films- Art gallery

Check out some cool fanarts of friday n' films! 

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