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"Before FrostorYT was FrostorYT" 

  • You see, I wasn't always known as an Among Us player, nor did I go by "FrostorYT" on the internet.

  • I used to be your everyday kid from another country, but one day I had to leave my home and move to Canada with my family, and now I live in the land of maple syrup, moose and extremely nice people.

  • Before I began playing Among Us, and long before I created this YouTube channel, I used to do bottle flipping and Dude Perfect - inspired trick shots. Over time I got better and better at it, and I never got bored doing that. I'd practice a lot.

  • It didn't take me long till I could do a cap flip without looking. A cap flip is nothing for me, heh!

  • I would also flip bottles a lot, as that was a trend back then. Everywhere I could, at home, at school, on the house roof, on trees, you name it, I could flip a bottle and have it land perfectly 👏every 👏 single 👏 time!

  • Fun fact: On 4th of July, 2020, since America became 244 years old (1776 was when it gained independence) I flipped a bottle 244 times in a row. Can you believe that?


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