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This section is for random stuff. Friday n films, my channel, and a lot more.


Frostor in sand version.

''She also have blushes''

-Limeoo, 2023.


Friday N Films (script writer)

Meet Lordvader. He is one of script writers of the series Friday N' Films. Each time we come up with an episode idea, it is lordvader's job, (as he is one of the script writers) to write up a script of the episode. That is Lordvader!


Friday N Films- Animator/artist

Meet Sasino. he is  one of the artists & animators. Sasino usually makes art for episode thumbnails, He also created the logo of Friday N Films! Sasino animates for friday toons as well. 


Friday N' Films- Artist/voice actor

Meet Cat power. he  is another artist in friday N films, as well a voice actor, aswell with being a thumbnail maker for frost. Cat power voices the character blackie in the series. Fun fact: cat power used to voice matteo, because back in that time, there was no voice actor for that character. So cat power used to have the role to voice 2 characters. But now, another person voices matteo.

Friday N Films- Artist

Meet Who does. he is one of the artists for the series. He has not done alot, but still he is a good artist. However, who does made a big promotion art for the series, which is fantastic. You can also view it when you first open this website! 

Friday N' Films-Artist/editor

Meet Jerrick. he is new to the Friday N films team. He is an artist, as well an editor for friday toons. Jerrick  made the new Friday toons logo as the old one was getting old, and looked rushed.

Friday N' Films- Voice actor

Meet Cartfren. he is one of the voice actors. Cartfren voice acts for 2 characters which are Cone dude & Crismo. Cartfren is also a moderator of the official friday N films discord server too, cool.

Friday N' Films- voice actor

Meet SilverRyan. He is one of the voice actors. SilverRyan acts for the character that goes by the name of ''Terry'' That is SilverRyan!

Friday N' Films- voice actor  & script writer

Meet TomiET. He is one of the script writers of the series, as well a voice actor for the character limeoo.

tomi_redesigned-1 (1).PNG

Friday N' Films- Artist & editor

Meet Notcheese. Notcheese is one of the editors, as well an artist for the series. Cool fact: Notcheese is one of frostor's classmate, real.

Friday N' Films- Voice actor

Meet Lizzie. She is a voice actor for a character that goes by the name ''pinky'' 

Friday N' Films- Script writer

Meet Daroux. Daroux is another script writer for the series, he is new to the team as well. 


Friday N' Films- Animator, & voice actor

Meet Outer. He is one of the voice actors for the series. He voice acts the character that some friday n films characters hate, capper. Also, he is an animator.

Friday N' Films- Script writer/Editor

Meet Buhron. He is another editor of friday n films, as well a script writer!

Friday N Films- Musician

Meet CharyzardYT. He is one of the music composers of friday n films.

Friday N' Films- Artist/Animator

Meet our newest dev, AcoolGuy. He is one of the artists for the series, as well an animator for friday toons!

Friday N' Films- Voice actor/artist

Meet xyezt387. He is a voice actor for the series, and a artist! (he is known for making very peak art)

Friday N' Films- Animator

Meet steven. He is one of the newest friday n films dev. he is an animator for friday toons!

Friday N'Films- Director/Owner

And finally we have Frostor. He started The Friday N' Films series, back in april of 2022. He is the director of the series, an editor, voice actor, and as well a script writer.


Eeyore. Now you might be asking, "who is eeyore?" Well, eeyore was one of my OG subscribers, back in 2021. He used to make content about among us gameplays, mostly gameplays and commentary from my among us lobbies i used to create and play with my fans. He was a great guy. But one day, he stopped posting among us, like  he wanted to post something else, so he started off content about fortnite. And i was like alright, understandable, people have to move on, so yes. But it didnt last for long. He then stopped posting content on his channel, and his channel got deleted, without any sign. This was very shocking news as he did not tell us any news that he will stop youtube for a while, or even quit youtube! Still to this day, no one knows why eeyore's channel got deleted.

One of my best double kills

i have done with eeyore.


Eeyore's among us character.


Frostor and eeyore both  winning as impostors.

Some cool moment i guess

So, one day I was playing some good old among us, and i came across this player and they said ''My sister said she likes your videos, FrostorYT.'' Getting recognized in among us lobbies is some good type of feeling, isn't it?  


Cartfren was playing some among and found some among us player that looked like "Frostor'' but it is not. We call it "Frostina"

Frostor plush?

Some person in somehow managed to make a edit of frostor as a plushie, which i found funny. Honestly it would be cool if it would exist.

Another screenshot with my fans

Old screenshot of frostor's discord server

This image you see right here, is frostor's discord server, back in 2021, When the server was new, Good memories. Time does fly by fast, and you don't notice it..

Trolling in among us

One day, i was bored. So i decided to go on  among us and troll some players in my own lobby. I also joined with my other accounts i think. Frostor (me) was ''Never" another alt  was "gonna give'' and another alt  was "you up" yes, i rickrolled.


Some specfic person told me to add "rocky'' to this website so yeah here he is i guess.


The perfect duo

The moment when 2 friday n' films characters ''Cone dude'' and ''pinky'' get impostor together. Truly one of the moments of all time.


Promotion art

Promotion art for friday n' films season 2 when it was getting worked on.

Oldest homepage screen

This over here is the FIRST ever

version of the homepage screens,

made way back in december when frost was planning to start

off a website. 

Friday N' Films characters as FNF

All made by xyezt, as he used assets from scratch.

Cone dude

Cone man

The cone man
Cone man but cone dude
Hall of shame

xy was here ;>


Among race

Among race is a custom among us gamemode (not modded) i just made up. So basically you can play with much players as you want. Also my good  friend RainbowYT  made the gamemode better by making a mod of it, so big shoutout to them! 


Click the box to view my gameplay

of among race.

Rules for impostor


Impostors cannot sabotage,  because sabotaging  will easily end the game if no one fixes it. And also no venting because if you do, that makes you travel to such places faster, and is basically cheating.

Rules for crewmates


 The crewmates have to race around the map until the impostor kills everyone. If you are engineer, you can't vent, do tasks, just run around the map in circles until the game ends. Last crewmate that survives is basically the winner.

Oh, and make sure to check out RainbowYT's Among race mod, it is really epic, and you should try it out.


Click on the box to watch the among race mod trailer!


Banana ability button.


Speed boost ability button.


The impostor gets killed by the banana.


Promotion art.


The thing that shows how much laps you have done.


Coins you collect during the game.

GD frost??


Very high quality image fr

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