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Achievement #1

On September 4, 2021, i hit 1,000 total subscribers on youtube. This was a HUGE achievement for me,!
I also got monetized, which means i could start making money from my videos! This was honestly crazy, as it took only 7 months  to reach this milestone.


Achievement #2

On march 12, 2022, i hit 2,000 subscribers on youtube! Truly amazing, in just 1 year, i got 1k more subscribers. 


Achievement #3

In late 2022, i hit 3,000 subscribers.

very epic, i did not think i would gain 2k more  subs in the year 2022, lol.

Achievement #4

Proud of this one, launching my own website! I never thought i would make a website based off of me, but here we are! 

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