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Friday N' Films - My Own Animated Series!

What exactly is "Friday N' Films"?

  • "Friday N' Films" is an animated series with Among Us characters made by me.

  • I was inspired by the animated series "Talking Tom & Friends" as that was what I watched when I was little, so obviously that's where the idea for "Friday N' Films" came. The Animated Series "Among Us Logic" by Gametoons may or may not have also been an inspiration. (ah man the nostalgia of waiting every Saturday for a new AUL episode)

  • As of now, the cast has 9 characters  in total: Blackie, Pinky, Cone Dude, Limeoo, Crismo, Terry, Capper, Matteo, and myself, including my mini-crewmate (son) Frosta (named after myself).

  • A new episode of "Friday N' Films" comes out every Friday.

  • Sometimes we post a short "Friday Toon" and sometimes we give you a full episode!

  • No matter if it is about Frosta going crazy about airplanes, Pinky going crazy about Cone Dude (mmm orang sus 😏), or Crismo eating croissants, with "Friday N' Films" we aim to bring entertainment to everyone.

  • The plot is written in such a way that everyone can enjoy watching it, no matter if you are a kid or an adult!

  • I would also take my time and tell those, who want me, or the rest of the production team, which yes, "Friday N' Films" has, to put them in the series, to please not do that, as I get too many requests and it puts me under pressure, as I'm still young, I have a busy life, and I don't want the series to have too many characters, because it will require LOTS of time to write a script for, plus I aim for all the characters to be completely original creations. Thank you for your understanding.

  • This doesn't mean that you will not appear in an episode. Sometimes we do little easter eggs where my friends ( and my subscribers can appear in an episode.

  • Another thing, whilst it may look low-budget (as I'm not that good at animating things) we put lots of effort to make every episode enjoyable, and funny. Luckily our production team now has a very cool animator "Among Us" (lol) so it's less stressful for me to edit and upload to YouTube.

  • Oh yeah and don't forgor, Cone Dude and Crismo are the greatest crewmates among them (Cartfren self-insert moment fr)



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