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The Beginning - How it All Started

You have probably asked yourself things like:

"Frostor, how and why did you start your channel?" Or "How did you get inspired to be a content creator?"

Well, I started my channel because some of my friends told me I should try out a video game called Among Us, so I started playing it. Then, when I saw cool YouTubers like PUMBA, WardTNT and Elegance posting "Among Us Funny Moments" type videos, I decided I wanna do that too! So my channel was going to be exactly that, funny moments I encounter in Among Us. But then, I realized that posting only that would get too boring. So, I decided I should post EVERYTHING about Among Us instead! This includes films, updates, gameplays, animations, and so much more.


Now I'm a very sussy guy and my channel is reasonably successful thanks to YOU, my viewers, and also my friends who help me with making videos and also other stuff (including this website) :]

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