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Great memories

Frostor's beans 1 year anniversary

On October 10, 2022, Frostor's discord server named "Frostor beans'' turned 1 year old. So Frostor himself decided to host a event in his discord server where most of the members participate  some games of among us. Not only normal games of among us, but other custom modes like among race, hide & seek, & as well shift & seek. This was honestly one of the best events hosted in frostor's beans.

Click on this box to watch the event's livestream!

One of my subscribers winning as me in among us

One of good friends, who is my subscriber, decided to play some among us but they were playing as me. They played as an impostor, and managed to get the victory. Truly one of the moments of all time. The person who played as me goes by the name ''Cartfren'' who also worked on this website, very cool indeed.


So one day, one of my subscribers sended me this funny image of a cereal based off me. I thought this was funny & creative. The person who made this goes by the name ''Pisces.''  

Some among us games screenshots with my subscribers

Getting featured

One day, I decided to play with a popular among us youtuber who makes funny moments of among us. There channel name goes by the name of ''Ward" and to my surprise, I got featured! I didn't know I would get featured on one of his videos, but turns out I am in one of his videos now! 

First ever friday n' films

On April  15, 2022 i released the first ever Friday n' films episode. The beginning of a new series! back then, the series was way different. There was no such characters like crismo, limeoo, cone dude etc. Limeeo, pinky, blackie, cone dude, got added later in season 1. But back then, there was no capper, crismo, terry, or matteo. Also back then, there was no voice actors, no script writers, artists, etc. 

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